About Us

iSiteSolution was founded in early 2008 as an outsourcing team focusing on Information Technology such as Software Designs and Development, Web Hosting Services for SME, Software Infrastructure Design, Programming and Web Consultancy. It was then established in early 2013 as iSite Web Solutions and later expanded to Engineering Technology Services in which iSiteSolution abled to diversify the whole team of creative innovators, artist and professionals itself.


We, in iSiteSolution, aim to provide quality, efficient and reliable service to the clientele and to deliver best- resulting solutions to our partners.


We, in iSiteSolution envision ourselves as a team leading the provision of Technology Outsourcing Services to its VALUED Clients.


We are set to gather together and choose the best-trusted innovators, artist and professionals who have passion in making a difference and offer a productive dedication to the team.

Why choose iSiteSolution amongst any other outsourcing companies?

iSiteSolution is flexible, as we easily adapt to any needs. We are capable of providing a comprehensive range of services, which means that we can provide tailored solutions to any individual requirements and specifications using all latest technologies and methodologies. It is the only company that has a variety of Information Technology, Engineering and Architecture Services. We can lessen Your company’s workload so that hard work can be concentrate on the business core.

We offer friendly, just and reasonable prices for our services. Contracts are flexible whether it is for a long/short term, per project or per sheet depending on how much it would take.We understand that companies are outsourcing some of their seasonal or cyclical works to significantly cut costs in terms of salary and benefits of skilled workers needed at a certain project. With us in iSiteSolution, clients could easily let go all the hassles of hiring new employees and avoid spending much time and money.