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5 tips for designing your dream house

5 tips for designing your dream house

When designing your dream house, it could be overwhelming. There are many things involved and it is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to budgeting, finding the resources, and planning.

We, the engineering team at “iSiteSolution” will help you design your dream house.


The first thing you need to do is do your research. The internet is the best place to start. Keep in mind that there are a lot of designs, so we suggest choosing 3 to 5 styles of design then you can, later on, choose what’s best for you. One website we suggest you visit is Pinterest.


There are many themes that we can choose from. Choosing a theme is very important. Because this will be the overlook of your house. Do you like a vintage theme? Or modern? Is the theme you’ve chosen fit your standard? It will also help you with what materials will match your house.

3.Color Palette

What colors do you love? Vibrant? Flat? Or do you love a dark-colored house? Keep in mind that it’s not only the color of the paint that will matter. The colors of the curtains, rugs, table, chairs, and other things must match your color palette for a better outcome.


After doing your research, the theme that you like, the colors that make you feel happy. Let’s talk about an important part of your house which is the features. Adding a feature in your house will make it stand out, can be unique and it can be the best asset to your house.

5.Set your budget

This one is very daunting. Don’t be afraid to give your budget. Some say you can’t achieve a good design with a small budget. But actually, you can. The architect will lead you to the right path by telling them your budget. It is a very important step before starting your house.

iSiteSolution Anniversary Celebration

iSiteSolution Anniversary Celebration

It’s the end of the month of February already, aside from us celebrating the Chinese New Year and Valentines Day, we also celebrated our 8th founding anniversary. A quick flashback to the company’s history, It was then established in February 29, 2013 as iSite Web Solutions and later expanded to Engineering Technology Services in which iSiteSolution abled to diversify the whole team of creative innovators, artists, and professionals itself.

Our CEO, Sir Andre, thought of having a team get together not just to celebrate the Company’s anniversary but also to reward the whole team with all their hard work from the previous year. And so we had a simple and intimate dinner with the whole team at a local and “inato” restaurant called the Kusina Genaro that is located at Baclayon, Bohol. We enjoyed their scrumptious food from a wide array choices of BBQ, seafoods and Filipino dishes on their menu. And of course we enjoyed each other’s company, and also talked about the company’s future goals.

-Marilex Lood

iSiteSolution Christmas Party 2020

iSiteSolution Christmas Party 2020

It’s that time of the year again, the end of the BER months and the much-awaited Christmas time is here. Huge Christmas trees are seen in every mall and plazas, colorful Christmas lights and eye-catching parols are everywhere. Christmas carols are heard everywhere that’ll make you get LSS (last song syndrome). These are elements of the traditional Filipino Christmas.

And it’s supposed to be the happiest and cheerful time of the year because of the never-ending Christmas parties but since the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the world with millions of deaths, we were introduced with the New Normal set up- that is to prevent COVID 19 from spreading to more people. And with this set-up due to our present circumstances, we are not allowed to have large gatherings during this Christmas time. With the new normal celebrations, everything will be different, but that doesn’t mean that we will break our Christmas spirits.

So we did have our simple yet intimate Company Christmas Party, following every safety Protocols against Covid-19 of course. All of us, the employees dine together with our closest family member or friend in an exclusive function room. JJ’s Seafood village provided us our scrumptious dinner and venue. After meals, it’s usually games and presentations buts since this time has changed, we had the famous Exchanging of Gifts or Manito/Manita which complete a Christmas party. And lastly, we opted to have a raffle of appliances, kitchen wares, and grocery packages for both of our staff and guests just to make us feel it’s not just an ordinary gathering-it’s Christmas, the time of laughter, smiles, togetherness, and giving.